PINK - REMNANT PACK: 750g of Cotton Velvet pieces for patchwork & crafts

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Colour  - PINK:  at least five different shades from our warehouse stock. 

Fabric  -  100% Cotton Velvet from our stock and including our famous Truly Sumptuous Velvets range. These cuts are either from the end of a roll, or from a roll that has an intermittent fault. There are no irregular shaped manufacturing off-cuts. 

Size - Decent sizes - larger than 30 cms (12 inches) x 25 cms (10 inches) - sometimes a LOT larger.

Weight -   750 grams package

Washable  - Can be washed (we suggest  30º) and ironed but please bear in mind that this velvet fabric may not be colourfast for the first few washes. 

Uses - Patchwork, dolls clothes, hat trimmings and other projects where a Fat Quarter would be more than you need

We launched our Themed Remnant packs on Ebay a few months ago and they've proved so popular that we're offering them here on our website where you can buy them at a lesser price than on Ebay - that's because we don't have Ebay fees so the saving is passed on to you, our customers. This price saving applies to all of our other velvets too - including our lovely range of  Dressmaking Velvets  and  our Furnishing & Curtain Velvets

Each Velvet Remnant Pack is different. You'll get nice large pieces of fabric in various shades of the themed colour - the pieces are more likely to be in a wide strip than a Fat Quarter, though the strips can easily have the equivalent amount of fabric as a Fat Quarter. None of the pieces are likely to be less than 12 inches x 10 inches (30cms x 20cms) unless we are forced to throw in a smaller piece just to make the weight up to your 750 grams.... but you would get only ONE such small piece.

If you need a slightly larger piece of fabric than we supply in our Remnant Packs, or you need to be absolutely specific about the colour that you want to work with, then do cruise through our velvets - all of them are available to buy as a Fat Quarter and a Half Metre. 


Each pack is different providing variety and inspiration to the enthusiastic crafter.  We're really sorry, but we can't take requests for particular colours or sizes - the packs are pre made and ready to be shipped out on the day you order.

We are currently offering these themed packs in Pink, Blue, Green and Brown/gold.  There are never many of any one theme available at a time, so if you can't find them, its because we've run out.  It might be worthwhile giving us a ring though because we may have them made up and ready to be put on sale when someone has the time to do it.

Smaller pieces can be found in our Craft Pack